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Welcome to our website, where this is the only link which contains information in English. Our homely jeweller’s opened in 2004 and works as a showroom and as a store at the same time. Through a glasswall the visitor can take a look at the workprocesses of the creation and reparation of a jewel and also the abundance of the required tools and machines.

All of the jewels shown on our website are handmade and most of them are self designed as well. Our jewels are made of silver of 925 ‰ purity or of yellow, white, pink and red gold with 9, 14 or 18 carats. The pieces can be further decorated by carving, fireenamel, india-rubber, beading, chasing precious or synthetic stones. The non-series personalized jewellery are attentively designed before the construction, and as its base can serve any kind of freehand drawings, photos, or any forms made of plastics or plasticine. The creation of the jewels can be followed by the customer so any requested modification is possible during the workprocess.

We offer a three-year comprehensive warranty on all our products excluding any damage resulting from external causes. Further navigated from this side any other information is in Hungarian, however, the photos of our products will hopefully appeal to you.
Please, contact us in email, a reply will be sent as soon as possible.
Thank you for your interest and attention,

Szabolcs Pálffi
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